DCM Applications

Efficient data collection and analysis of crowd behaviour provides event managers, town planners and critical decision makers with accurate, non-biased, quantifiable data for an array of purposes across festivals, events, public precincts, smart cities and transport hubs.

Cutting edge, quantifiable, accurate, real-time data driven intelligence on crowds for events, public precincts, smart cities and transport hubs

Smart Cities and Public Precincts

Leverage crowd behaviour data provided by DCM for;

  • Real-time adjustment, management and placement of critical infrastructure such as traffic lights and transport
  • Real-time allocation of resources for crowd management including police and security
  • Input into development planning, crowd safety planning and critical infrastructure placement.

Events and Festivals

Harness the power of DCM at events and festivals for;

  • Efficient and effective real-time deployment of staff and resources
  • Mitigating crowd behaviour issues
  • Improvement of customer experience
  • Improvement of event productivity & compliance
  • Development and planning for successful and safe events.

Transport Hubs

Monitor transport hubs with DCM to;

  • Improve safety management and compliance
  • Monitor movement and occupancy levels
  • Obtain non-biased and accurate insights for informed decision making on critical transport infrastructure.