How it works

By utilising existing and/or installed technology systems, DCM collects datasets on crowd behaviour that are assessed by a unique algorithm to identify predictive and analytic information. The process is fast, accurate, automated, non-biased, real-time, consistent and quantifiable.

DCM utilises innovative technology to automatically collect and analyse data on crowds in real-time


Multiple systems (existing or installed) observe activity at strategic locations.


Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) identify quantitative and qualitative crowd characteristics.


Big-data predictive Bayesian network analysis predicts patterns and changes.


Results are visualised in a dashboard, providing indicators and alerts on predicted crowd activity.

Machine Learning

The accuracy of the algorithm and predictive capability is continually improved by Machine Learning.

Key Benefits

Limitations in data consistency and accuracy, combined with inefficient collection techniques present significant problems for decision makers managing crowds across event spaces and public precincts.

DCM technology allows unbiased and accurate data to be efficiently collected and analysed to improve the predictability of crowd behaviour. By leveraging real-time, data driven intelligence on crowds, decision makers will have the power to transform customer experience, increase crowd safety and improve planning input.

DCM eliminates human-bias from the crowd decision making process and provides accurate, quantifiable, data driven intelligence.

Customer Experience

The challenge for the majority of small and large public events is identifying and maintaining better event experiences for participants, not only for safety but customer experience and ultimately the economic return on the investment perspective. DCM intelligence can improve real-time crowd management and prevent congestion experiences that can reduce patron and tourism goodwill. Responding in real-time to changes in crowd behaviour allows for rapid resource deployment to create better customer experiences.

Crowd Safety and Crowd Management

DCM provides an effective approach to the measurement and management of emergent crowd behaviour by indicating potential congestion and safety issues in real-time. By facilitating time-critical decision making in uncertain and high risk environments DCM allows appropriate crowd mitigation techniques and strategies to be put in place.


Factual, non-biased data on crowds is key for planning input when delivering large scale events, designing critical infrastructure or developing smart cities. DCM provides an accurate source for the efficient collection of critical information on crowds for planning purposes.